What's happening in Perheentalo?

Open play time 

Play times are open for families to come play and meet other families. Sometimes we have organized program as well where the children can join if they want. Program can be for example handicraft or teddy clinic. Besides playing, families can have their own snack and a cup of tea or coffee. 

Check the Perheentalo opening hours at the home page.

Family café

Family café is on tuesdays at 9-12. The instructors will organize activity for kids. You can find the plan on our weekly program at the home page. 

At the family café we get some times various visitors. They could be early childhood education specialist from Siilinjärvi municipality or a deacon or an instructor from church. The visitors are there to inform you and answer questions. For example early childhood education specialist can help you, when it comes to childrens' daycare and church instructor can tell you more about their services and programs for families. 

 Coffee and matter

"Coffee and matter" will be organized once a month on fridays at 10-12 along with the open play time. Everytime we will invite a visitor that comes from a local family services. He or she always brings some important information for families with him/her. 

You will find the visitors on our weekly program at the home page. The meaning of the "coffee and matter" is that parents and families will get to know other local families and that they have a change to ask any questions and have conversations about anything that they have in mind.  

Ideas for families

Ideas for families will be organized twice a year on thursdays at 17-19. There will be visitors and conversations about various themes. "Ideas for families"-nights are meant for parents and other people with interest. 

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We offer temporary day care for kids. It means  parents can bring their kids for us, if they need time to take care of chores and tasks, I.e. Official or bureaucratical business or if they just need a little break for themselves. In the "kid-park" we play with the kids and take care of them until parents come to pick them up. Kid-park is on saturdays, eight times a year. 

"Kid-park" works in collaboration with other institutes Siilinjärvi red cross local and  chuch of Siilinjärvi.