Perheentalo is an open place for families to meet and get together 

Perheentalo is open for families. Here you can spend time with other families, make new friends, play, have a cup of coffee, feet your baby and take care of your kids. Our kitchen, toilets and other facilities are free for you to use. In Perheentalo you can spend time without any hurry and stress. Also there is a possibility to have conversations with other parents and group instructors. 

You and your children are welcome to Perheentalo! Your kids can also take their friend or grandparent with them. We have a free access and we are easily reachable also for people with disabilities or special needs. 

Perheentalo instructors are always there to help you during the opening hours. With them you can talk about everyday-life and they can take care of your children if you want to sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee. Even though the instructors will be there, parents are always responsible for their own children. 

Perheentalos' aim is to support families and their everyday-life 

Perheentalo enables families to share their experiences about parenthood. Perheentalo also offers activities for families and children and helps families to find peer support and professional help. Our aim is to support and encourage families to become active in their local community.

Children's rights are the base of our activities and functions. When planning the program and activities we always consider the needs and wishes of the families. 

Perheentalo works with collaboration network

Perheentalon toiminnasta vastaa Huoltoliitto ry. Toimintaa rahoitetaan STEA:n myöntämällä hankerahoituksella (1.1.2019 -31.12.2021). Perheentalon toimintaa tukee vuosittain myös Siilinjärven kunta.

Perheentalon yhteistyöverkostoon kuuluvat mm. Siilinjärven kunta, MLL Järvi-Suomen piiri ry, MLL Siilinjärven paikallisyhdistys ry, Kuopion Ensikotiyhdistys ry, Siilin Latu ry, SPR Siilinjärven paikallisosasto, SLU Siilinjärven yhdistys, Vammaisperheyhdistys Jaatinen ry, Tatu ry, Sakky (Savon Ammattiopisto), HUMAK (Humanistinen ammattikorkeakoulu), sekä Savonia ammattikorkeakoulu (Viretori-toiminta). 

Lisäksi Perheentalon toiminnassa ovat aktiivisesti mukana Siilinjärven seurakunta, Siilinjärven Kuvataideyhdistys, Siilinjärven kaverikoirat sekä Kennelliiton lukukoirat. Olemme mukana myös TATU ry:n Vauhti! -hankkeessa. Otamme jatkuvasti mukaan uusia yhteistyökumppaneita, joten olethan rohkeasti yhteydessä! 

Itä-Suomessa on jo viisi Perheentaloa

To Perheentalo network belongs Iisalmi, Joensuu, Kuopio, Varkaus and Siilinjärvi. All the Perheentalos work together 

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